The Ultimate Market Guide for Board Portals

The Ultimate Market Guide for Board Portals

With the development of technology, more and more companies are faced with implementing automated data management systems to increase work efficiency and improve collaboration processes. One of the most effective solutions is an integrated board portal software. Here is more about it.

Board software for streamlining the board’s activity

Since neither mail services nor document management services are designed directly for high-level meetings, they do not provide tools that allow board members to focus on decision-making, which affects engagement. These are communication tools between participants during the meeting itself, tools for working with the agenda, tools for working with the final and accompanying artefacts of the meeting (convention notices, minutes of the meeting, extracts on issues, instructions, etc.), storage areas and easy access to information on collegiate bodies and past meetings. At one time, this problem was recognized by the suppliers of electronic document management systems themselves. Some vendors developed “Corporate Governance” add-ons for their systems that increased the efficiency of working with the accompanying meeting documents but still did not have specialized tools for conducting actual voting, discussion and communication in general. Board management software is a digital workplace for corporate governance participants.

With the board software, members of the collegiate bodies can familiarize themselves with the materials of the submitted questions in advance, and the secretaries can create sub-questions on them, which allows them to make more informed decisions. In case of updating information on the meeting, employees receive an information letter by e-mail.

When an organization is going through difficult times, choosing the right board management service can be crucial in uniting the employees on whom the company’s future depends. For the formation of joint solutions to take place with maximum efficiency, it is vital to find a platform that can:

    • close all tasks of collaborative interaction of employees;
    • create new opportunities;
    • provide safety;
    • save company resources.

The overview of the board software market

Choosing the proper board meeting platform is one of the priorities for the company moving business processes online. Let’s consider market guide for board portals and what the IT market offers for various businesses:

      • Convene

The platform can simultaneously communicate in a group of 20 to 5000 people. The tools make it possible to conduct online testing and surveys. The service does not require installation, and it is enough to register in the browser. By the way, the software ensures well-organized secure cloud data storage. The software provides access to data from any device around the clock, offers control through a straightforward interface, and does not require programming skills.

      • Boardable

It is an online conferencing platform that supports 30 to 100 participants. The service offers the functionality of joint work with documents, a drawing board, tests and surveys, and interaction with digital diaries and magazines is provided. The software forms a single register of projects with documents, setting and monitoring tasks, predicting risks and tracking performance in each area of the project.

      • Nasdaq

It is a platform with an extended set of functionality and tools, and the possibility of transferring a picture from the sound of an online board meeting to the internal network and external Internet resources has been implemented. You can send invitations and reminders to employees. Users are also offered a considerable number of pre-configured conference scenarios.