Best Data Rooms for Secure and Affordable File Storage

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Working with documents often takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention organizing a document storage system. No wonder companies are looking for better digital solutions for this problem. Among the many different options on today’s market, you can find quite a few decent options, but the best among them is by no means all. We suggest reading our review of the top 5 virtual platforms for storing corporate documents.

What do the top five virtual data rooms for document storage look like: a brief overview

Modern platforms offer many useful options and tools for working with documents. Therefore, it is important to compare data rooms according to different parameters in order to find the best option for your company. Our rating compiles the best software products that meet the necessary technical characteristics and user requirements. Study and choose the best option for your company!


The virtual platform has a clear and easy-to-use interface. You can set up a remote control system to work with documents and upload documents to the repository, you just drag and drop them, without any additional downloading. At the same time, the data room synchronizes well with other software products and keeps its efficiency in different conditions. You don’t need to pre-load documents on your computer to share them – just attach the document to your email.  


This virtual platform will suit companies engaged in different spheres of business – from real estate operations to scientific developments. The interface has enough tools for secure work and exchange of documents both within the company and with third parties – clients or business partners. To store corporate data, there is fairly capacious file storage, access to which is protected by the best digital security tools. In the storage, you can not only view but also edit documents, as well as quickly and safely transfer them by using various communication tools.


Google Drive

One of the most popular virtual platforms has a wide range of options for working with documents. Each user is given 15GB of cloud storage, but it can be expanded later. You can not only store documents but also create new ones – a wide range of tools for creating documents in different formats can help you. You can set up different access modes to individual folders or documents. There are also user-friendly options for organizing remote teamwork.


This provider offers a universal solution for companies from different business fields. The functionality of the platform allows you to work with documents directly on the platform. Storage access can be provided both for individual documents and for entire folders. Document exchange does not take too much time and effort either – you can provide a link to the folder itself or upload a document to an e-mail. Another advantage is that large documents do not need to be formatted to the right size before uploading.


While this virtual platform is often used by companies that specialize in mergers and acquisitions, it can be adapted to other business needs. There is ample file storage and a wide range of tools for working with documents. It’s not just a secure data room – you can also maintain the necessary communication in different work environments. You can work with documents of different sizes in the data room, and its speed will always be high.