Comprehensive Market Guide for Board Portals

market guide for board portals

Businesses today need digital tools that are built on best practices for software development, providing flexible customization and functionality expansion following the needs of employees. This article is a market guide for board portals. So, how does this service simplify the work of the board of directors?

Board portal –  a new approach to efficient corporate management

Today, in the vast majority of companies, the principle of organizing management architecture is rapidly changing its vector from vertical to horizontal. Project teams, informal connections between employees, leveling of status, when there are fewer and fewer immediate supervisors, and more and more colleagues with a similar place in the corporate hierarchy.

A vivid example of this trend is the huge popularity of Agile-oriented project management methodologies when cooperation and work towards a common goal in conditions of maximum information transparency replaces vertical management tools. This circumstance also significantly reduces the role of workflow in the classical form, up to the abolition of some of its moments.

The demand for automation of teamwork services is huge: for example, corporate (secure) chats and instant messengers with support for document exchange and the possibility of joint editing, as well as fixing the stages of such work, are becoming more and more relevant. This should also include functionality for the prompt issuance and control of instructions with tracking execution outside the context of the document.

The board portal is a perfect example of such a digital solution. It is a software package that can automate the administrative and management processes of the board of directors’ activity, ensure the high-quality provision of services and effective information support for their activities. The cloud solution is provided to you as a service and does not require you to know the process of development, administration, protection, information backup, and subsequent updates. All these tasks are undertaken by the SaaS solution provider.

The board portal is designed for large and medium-sized companies, commercial structures and government bodies, private equity funds, and other companies that transfer their communication into the online environment. Among the best-known board portal solutions in the global TI market there are:

  • Diligent;
  • iDeals;
  • Boarmap;
  • Loomion;
  • OnBoard;
  • BoardPro;
  • Nasdaq;
  • Boardable.

How does the online board portal work?

A member of the collegial body participates in the meeting online. At the same time, he can either be directly in the room where the meeting is taking place or participate remotely, for example, from his office. Materials for the meeting in electronic form are available to all participants, wherever they are. “Information board” is intended for broadcasting operational data of the meeting. Broadcasting can be carried out both on the monitors of participants, and on the screen of a projector or TV.

Board management software is a fully secure system that supports:

  • Working with several holdings/companies/organizations/divisions;
  • Flexible differentiation of access rights;
  • Offline operation on iPad;
  • Possibility of legally valid voting using EDS (Electronic Digital Signature) according to standards GOST;
  • The possibility of communication between users through a system of secure messages, collective and personal chats;
  • Editing and commenting on documents and materials attached to questions;
  • Automatic generation of minutes;
  • A simple mechanism for tracking the schedule breaks, and estimating the end time of the meeting;
  • Voting on various draft decisions on the issue;
  • Quick access to the history of issues;
  • The ability to exchange views on issues during the report;
  • Quick access to the history of all meetings.